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Life is Feudal Official Soundtrack by Christian
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Some of you may know, but our very own composer, Christian Tornholm-Lehn, is also the composer for Life is Feudal (LiF). To all of you who have followed and/or played LiF, here is a little update on the music front … Read More

HMS Unicorn Virtual Museum Project
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In association with PiratesAhoy! and The Unicorn Preservation Society we are proud to present the HMS Unicorn Virtual Museum project. Our goal with this project is to create an interactive and ‘living’ ship that can be explored using VR devices … Read More

Week 8 Update
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Yes we have missed a few weeks; we are now starting to revise the code for the core multiplayer mode of the game.  So as you can tell our updates will either become less frequent as there is much code … Read More

Week 5 Update
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Now that we are in the 5th week of development, things are starting to move smoother and with better results. Our optimizations last week paid off this week with new water systems adding a large chunk of performance back to … Read More

Week 4 Update
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Week 4 is upon us and we would like to say a sincere THANK YOU to all of our fans and followers! As a token of our appreciation our artist has made a desktop background for you. You can download it fromIndieDB … Read More

Week 3 Update
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Another week of development comes and goes and we have spent a large majority of it doing optimizations. As of the past week we had a functioning game that allowed you to start a single player game and either win … Read More

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